Software Tools

A multitude of calculation and modelling tools allows the simulation of complex thermal processes. The numerical modelling of different heat and mass transfer mechanisms supports our customers in finding of optimized production parameter settings, which lead to more efficient and economic production.

Open and clearly structured windows user interfaces based on MS Visual Basic and Net framework 3.5 or  MS Excel  make it easy getting started and working with the interface while the numerical calculations are running in separate DLL modules written in Fortran  program language.

Here are some examples from the list of our program tools

  • h,x – diagram -  a graphically supported calculation program for  constitutional changes of humid air
  • Numerical simulation of heat conduction and diffusion processes in various materials and mixtures of materials
  • Calculation of Heat and Mass transfer coefficient in complicated structures
  • Simulation of thermal processes in production plants to optimize parameter settings and automatic control engineering
  • User interfaces based on MS Windows and database management of project settings to ease the use of prior MS Dos based console applications
  • Various programs to transfer data between programs written in different program languages like Fortran, C or VB

Software-Example:              Surface of  h, x - Diagram