20 Years IBS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH


About us

The IBS company ordinates in a start-up at the chair A for Thermodynamics at the Technical University of Munich and changed its legal form to a limited company in the year 2000.

Beside of highly specialized consulting services for thermal and fluidic  dimensioning of machines, facilities and components we are constantly growing in development of customized software tools. The numerical modelling of complex heat and mass transfer processes supports our customers while optimizing their processes for a efficient and energy-saving production.

Open and clearly structured windows user interfaces based on MS Visual Basic and Net framework 3.5 or  MS Excel  make it easy getting started and working with the interface while the numerical calculations are running in separate DLL modules written in Fortran  program language.

In the meantime a number of calculation tools allow the modelling of even more complicated processes like drying, absorption and condensation.


Our Strong Points are

20 years of practical experience as consulting engineers

Technical and scientific education

Combination of proven experience and innovative ideas

Continuous training and development

High orientation on customer needs and practicability